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      Last week's lessons:

      I managed to triple the amount of active installations of watchlimitsI also got more customers with "heavily discounted" plans. Now 10 active subscriptions.- Justyna,

      I tried experimenting with twitter threads this week, sharing information I've gained from serving clients and my own personal experience.I had a "so so" response. I think there are more engaging ways to write twitter threads, so going to continue experimenting with this.The free trials from my launch started to convert to paying subscribers around 50%!- Allison, PageFactory

      Team member disappeared for a while without informing us -- big blow to our timeline. My lesson is to be stricter with accountability and asking for updates.- Celz, Notion SOP Bundle

      I'm investigating one of the possible niches -- artists who sell their work on SaatchiArt.I have cold emailed 4 of them so far and got one response, but I'm not telling them about my product yet, just establishing connection.The biggest lesson is that there could be tens of possible niches for my product, and I'll have to discard many of them before I find the one that I'll focus on.- Artem, Just Enough Analytics