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Last week's lessons:

Biggest win was in getting a couple of bugs fixed. Had people sign up and then were unable to use the app, so there was high pressure to get things fixed. But I was quick to respond and that was well received, so I'm calling it a win.- Leo, Who Should I Unfollow?

We shifted our KPIs from multiple pipeline metrics (# visitors, conversion rates, MRR) to a single usage metric (# real plans / active users for the past 14 days).While we'll need to eventually increase the other metrics, focusing on this metric should help us improve usability, reduce churn and drive activation + upgrades for the traffic we currently have. It's a meta-metric that captures the value users are getting from the product, which is what ultimately drives all the other metrics.As part of this, we're shifting from being marketing-focused to being product- and education-focused.- Trevor, Day Optimizer

I spoke at a 7,000-person business conference and it was wild. I was showing a quick preview of an upcoming feature, and where I typically get positive feedback on our software, what I got this time was tremendous excitement, plus several serious commitments for international distribution partnerships. It's very possible that this very feature could be our ticket to product-market fit, so I'm moving the roadmap 100% in that direction!
- Sébastien, Nuro

I keep creating explainer videos that I will later forward to a professional video creator company as input, I work on blog posts and more YouTube videos.Creating the current video took over a week as I first of all had to create demo data for it.- Marcus, Maildroppa