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      Last week's top marketing experiments & learnings:

      Started onboarding beta users. I wanted to verify the flow and get a feeling for how people used the app. In doing so, I was able to gain some key insights and build trust with my audience. This is in preparation of an official launch in the next week or two, depending on what testing uncovers. I've been able to see a couple of use cases I missed and fix a couple of bugs.Leo, Who Should I Unfollow?

      Priming our Tiktok channels, with only 16 followers I got 200 views in less than 24 hours.My last video prior to that was from last January. Safe to assume I have NO audience in Tiktok. And yet we got 200 views!The answer is probably strategic hashtag use.
      Celz, Notion SOP Bundle

      I have started experimenting with Reddit ads to get some mailing list signups with a discount offer for when I launch. My first attempt had a low CTR and no mailing list signups, but I'm aiming to set up a new campaign tomorrow.Lisa, Video Scheduler

      1. I found an app development partner to redevelop my app (with Hubspot integration capabilities)2. 100DaysOfNoCode chose ""Brand Fundamentals with Airtable"" as my learning path for Creator in Residence.3. I got to show my application to some serious heavy-hitters in marketing, including someone who writes 20K marketing plans and re-branded the Nature Valley granola bars back in the 90's... He told me to go talk to ad agencies (the 2nd inspiration for me creating this)Melissa, Archetype Marketing